Our Weekend

On Sunday evening, as the weekend draws to a close, there's an invisible sadness that comes over our house. We all feel it. We know that tomorrow, daddy goes back to work. But it was a little easier this time knowing that he's working a short week. And, Roo and I have plans every day!

Sunday also meant bath night for Roo, and Eric and I forgot about cooking and got Subway instead, and then we put Roo to bed and snuggled close to eat ice cream and watch a crazy documentary.

It was a good weekend, but it was busy. Lots of work around the house, projects, planning and organizing.

But first, Eric and I got a date on Friday night, thanks to Eric's mom. We ran errands, ate dinner and saw a movie. We had a great, deep conversation on the way home. It was my favorite part of the weekend.

Other highlights:

  • Rooney slept her longest stretch ever--nine hours--on Saturday night.
  • We fell more in love with our daughter than ever before. We know she has changed us forever, and we feel a greater sense of purpose. Blessed, for sure.
  • A big Target trip, after which we left $300 poorer. Almost all of it was for Rooney; made possible by gift cards.
  • We bought Rooney her first pair of Converse shoes. When her feet grow big enough I will dress her in them with white tights and a pink tutu.
  • Our family slow dance in the kitchen.
  • The most beautiful baby coos I have ever heard.
  • Eric laughing so hard he cried.
  • A baby in a hooded sweatshirt.


  • Realizing our landscaping project is going to cost three times what we budgeted.
  • Not finishing a few projects that we hoped to complete. Technically we didn't even start our kitchen clean-out/reorganization project.
  • The fact that our house is a mess and will probably stay that way all week. And I'm not yet fully unpacked from last weekend's travels. Those things can wait, right?