Our First Night Away From Rooney

Tomorrow night will be our first away from Rooney! Eric's mom is coming to stay with her, and we're sneaking away to Kansas City for a 32-hour date! (We both agree it's time, but I think I might have a really hard time with it come Sunday morning!) We'll be doing what we both love -- shopping and eating out! On a budget, of course. I'm most looking forward to walking through the plaza with my best friend (the weather is supposed to be great!), buying Roo some fun clothes at H&M, and sleeping in - without a baby monitor in our room!

Here's the tentative plan:


7:00 am -- leave home; grab breakfast on the go at Starbucks 10:30 am -- arrive at Madewell (my favorite store!) 11:30 am -- head to Country Club Plaza noon -- eat lunch on the plaza (location TBA) 1:00 pm -- continue shopping! (H&M, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, MAC, Free People, J.Crew) 5:30 pm --  check in to hotel 6:30 pm -- dinner (location TBD)


9:15 am -- check out of hotel 9:30 am -- breakfast reservations (location TBA) 2:00 pm -- arrive home and squeeze that baby girl!

(I'm leaving out the restaurant locations because they're a surprise to Eric!)

How long did you wait before spending a night away from your kids? Any tips?