Global Warming of the Heart

I can't ignore it any longer.

Our baby girl is changing so fast. She's learning and doing so many new things all the time, and I have to write about them so I don't forget them.

Global Warming of the Heart

The rapid climate change in our house is melting my heart. There is only one explanation... global warming produced by Rooney Jane. She's the only variable I can pinpoint from the past nine months to explain this phenomenon. Here are just a few examples of what's causing our hearts to melt:

IMG 3007

  • Side lip: a Popeye-esque look (shown above) followed by an exhale
  • Curiosity: The deep focus and study of everything she comes in contact with, usually followed by testing it out in her mouth
  • Separation anxiety: A new crying phase that detects when we are within a two-foot range of her crib: "Don't put me down!"
  • Giggles: Playing peek-a-Roo usually does the trick
  • Growling: Pretty much sounds like a dog playing tug of war - we have no idea where she learned this
  • Squealing: Walk into her room after a nap and you get the cutest, highest squeal of excitement
  • Rocking: Play a beat and she will start rocking her little hips
  • Tender touches: Gently touching the face of whoever holds her - it's like she's testing your trustworthiness

Symptoms may include, but are not limited to, parents experiencing the following:

  • Lock jaw: from grinning ear to ear
  • Belly ache: from joyful laughter
  • Welling of tears: they can strike at any moment - especially when you think about the general awesomeness that comes with being a parent
  • Paranoia: constant wonder if we are doing anything right...

These symptoms can usually be cured by running straight into the storm. Just look at your baby, hug her, kiss her, make her giggle. Although it's contributing to the problem, it will no doubt make your heart sing for the moment.

More proof:

IMG 3009

IMG 1607

IMG 1630

IMG 1659

IMG 1673

Weather (see what I did there?) you are a parent, aunt, uncle, cousin, etc., how do the little kiddos in your life melt your heart?