One Step Closer to Our New Site

Kels and I had so much fun on Friday night--probably not how most people would have fun on a Friday night, though. It was spent working out our vision for this blog. Remember how we are shaking things up? We went over to our friends Keisha and Joe's house to have them help us design our new website. Kels and I work with Keisha and she is a graphic designer. Turns out they are the perfect couple to help us in our endeavor to create a new look for our blog. Joe is a computer programmer and is pretty handy when it comes to translating and rewriting code. Something I spent all night every night last week trying to figure out, he did in about 10 key strokes. He was "wired in." Thanks da man!

It was a breath of fresh air to see some progress on this project, watching Joe and Keisha work their magic designing our site and discussing the functionality of it all. So much talent! And they are so cool.

They made us supper and we listened to old vinyl records all night while we collaborated. Their cats made me sneeze a few times (allergies), but I made it through OK.

So, here is a snapshot of the original concept that we started the evening with. Disclaimer: Keisha came up with something way better than this kindergarten drawing that I made. We are so stoked to show everybody the finished product. Stay tuned...

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