We're Shaking Things Up

Kels-dawg and I have been thinking about Words of Williams and where it might be headed. She wanted to start another blog aside from Snappy Casual where she could post about all things sans fashion.

This, I did not think was a good idea. She already spends a boat-load of time every day to make Snappy Casual what it is. I just don't see how she could manage two of her own blogs.

Couple this with the fact that I have had a lack of motivation to post more than once a week for a while, and we found ourselves a solution.

This blog will be our blog. You can expect to see more about the Williamses(eses)' daily lives. Kels already has a few ideas in the hopper such as recipes, dance videos, marriage stories and more.

I plan to start posting some of my very amateurish photography here as well. We may even change the name if we can think of something more suiting and clever. Any ideas? Let us know.