Nurture-the-Love Days

When I was reviewing my yearly planners for our fairytale years in review, I noticed that I had written Nurture the Love on a few random dates. I had totally forgotten that in the first years of our marriage, I created special little holidays that only I knew about.

Here's What You Do

  1. Choose three random dates in the upcoming year and write Nurture the Love on your calendar where you will see it.
  2. Do something special for your spouse or significant other on that day, whether it's leaving a candy bar in their car for them to find or planning a surprise date night.

I love doing fun, cute little things for Eric, but I don't always remember to do it! I know it totally made Eric's day though to find a Milky Way hidden in his glasses case after work (when he was still working a second job).

Do you do fun things like this?

Are you willing to try? I totally want to hear how it goes!