When I Have a Baby, I Will Never...


I think most people have a list of things they swear they'll never do when they have kids.

Until they have kids.

At least, that's how it was for us.

What We Said We'd Never Do

  • Bring her with us to worship. Before Rooney was born, we wanted to know the earliest age she could go to the nursery because we were NOT going to bother ourselves or others with soothing or rocking or feeding her during church. Then she was born. This little, fragile baby girl. We went to church three times with her and each time, we brought her in with us. And each time, one (or both) of us was distracted the entire time. So we watched church online a few times--but it's just not the same. Finally, about a month ago, we bit the bullet and brought her to the nursery. (It has been a great experience!)
  • Use a pacifier clip. But in the van I nearly break my back reaching back to her to give her the pacifier, so we finally clipped it on to her car seat straps for easy access.
  • Be quiet when she sleeps. Because kids need to learn how to sleep through everything, right? Well, sometimes you just can't chance that they'll wake up, so you turn the TV down and shut your mouth.
  • Put a bib on her when she's not eating. We're running out of burp cloths over here, and it's really just easier to have it attached to her.

I found that when push comes to shove, you will do just about anything that gets you through the day.

Still hoping we never do: put her on a leash. (So you can all laugh when that happens.)


What did you say you'd never do when you had kids? Drive a minivan? Co-sleep? Dress them in Crocs? Use a wipe warmer? Let them throw a fit on the floor in Target?