My First Attempt at Photography

So Kels and I saved up all our Christmas money and bought a Canon Rebel T1i. I have wanted a digital SLR for a while and we decided that a Christmas present to ourselves would be a good time. We really wanted to buy from a local retailer, but the day we walked in the store with cash in hand, they were all out and informed us that the T1i was probably going to be discontinued. So, I scrambled to look online for a good deal and sure enough, the store that always advertises low prices (Wal-Mart) had the model for a good price, plus a memory card and a really sweet bag. Doh!

You have probably seen a  few photos I've taken over on Snappy Casual, but I am still very green at the whole photography thing and I think I actually take better photos with our point and shoot at this point.

I also sold my electric guitar on Craigslist so I could buy this 55-250mm lens from our friend Heidi. Which was good, because the autofocus on the kit lens magically stopped working the other day and I now have to send it into Canon to be repaired. Thanks, warranty!

Anyway, I am reading a book on how to use this wonderful piece of digital photography awesomeness. I am really digging macro photography so far. It's so fun to capture the details, and it's nice because we have been cooped up indoors. (Old Man Winter has been grumpy lately.)

Here are a few of my amateur shots unedited:

Here is our dying lemon tree.


Snow falling on our deck.

Couch potato photography

I am thinking about starting a 365 project, although I may be getting in way over my head. It is essentially a 'take and post a photo every day for a year' project. Sounds fun, huh?