More Awkward and Awesome


  • The fact that the baby can kick me in weird my cervix. Yeah...let's not do that anymore, k babe?
  • How proud and open I am with Eric about my regular bowel movements thanks to Fiber One bars. And apparently now, the blogosphere.
  • The fact that I walk around all day with my pants unbuttoned and unzipped...because if my jeggings still fit, you bet I am going to wear them!
  • The amount of time it takes me to flip over from my side to the other in bed.
  • Losing control of my, um...well, let's just say that the other night I was walking and my bladder was full and I coughed, (I know I'm not the only one!)


  • NOT having my period for nine months straight. Although I hear your body makes up for it after birth...
  • Finally choosing a name for our little girl and just knowing it's the right one.
  • The front-row seat I have at this miracle called pregnancy. I certainly don't know how to create brain folds or taste buds or 10 fingers and toes or an immune system, but my body does!
  • TUMS. Those things are like magic pills.
  • The amount of food I can eat in a single sitting.
  • Hearing Eric read to her. And when he tells me how proud he is of me. And that he loves my belly. Oh, and how he just laughs each morning when he sees how much I've grown. I really love it.

What’s currently awkward and awesome in your world?

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