March Madness 2011: Recap

Well, it was a pretty short tournament for us (if you missed our pathetic brackets, check them out here). I was pretty much out of it after the first day as Kels took a commanding lead. I heard that only two people out of more than 59 million guessed the final four correctly on I saw a ray of hope during the elite eight. I had just calculated the points and realized that if Kansas lost to VCU and UNC beat Kentucky, that I would be victorious by one point! Well, you all know by now that only half of my plan worked out. And after that, neither of us had any teams in the final four correct.

It was a fun little competition, and Kels has claimed her prize. She decided on a back rub. A six-minute back rub. Her prize was claimed last Wednesday night. I set a timer to ensure she got all six minutes of her well-deserved win. My hands started cramping up at two minutes, but it was a great back rub if I do say so myself. These paws can palm a basketball, so just think of the area I can cover on a back...

Back Rub Ready Hands

You know, I am OK with the loss. I have a lot of work to do, and it will be a grueling off-season, but I am confident that I can take the necessary actions to improve my guessing abilities before next March.

How did your bracket turn out? Did you have any final four teams right?