March Madness 2011

I know that most men in America probably fill out two to five NCAA brackets and put tons of thought and research into who will be this year's Cinderella story. My vote is UNI. Farokhmanesh for 3!!! Seriously, I have not watched a full college basketball game this year, but who can resist filling out a bracket in hopes of having the winning combination? After all, it is Madness and anything can happen. The past few years, I've had to persuade Kels to fill out a bracket. Two years ago, she beat me. Then I redeemed myself last year. So I think we have started a fun family tradition.

The stakes have not been big, in fact, I can't even remember what the winner has got in the past, but we thought it would be fun to share with you all our brackets for this year.

Here are our rules for filling them out:

1. No research--just pick! 2. You have 10 minutes to fill it out. 3. Upsets are encouraged: You get the seed of the team you pick multiplied by the round (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32). Example: A 5-seed that wins in round two will get you 10 points (5 x 2).

So we need your help in determining the winning prize. Any suggestions? Chores, back rubs, loser gives winner their personal spending money, dinner at the winner's restaurant of choice? Post your ideas below and we will determine what it will be.

And for fun, let us know who you think has the better bracket...and who you picked to win it all.