Love Remains

Today's post comes from Indiana Adams, a former actress (she was in the movie Rent!), aspiring writer and new mom who lives in Austin, Texas. I tell you, this girl is multi-talented. Eric and I were honored to meet her (and her husband, Chris, and baby, Jude) in March at the Texas Style Council Conference (which Indiana organized). It didn't take long for me to realize how much we had in common--we're both Christian women who love fashion and have learned that marriage is not easy. Indiana writes a number of blogs, all of which I read and love, and I was particularly touched by a post she wrote on The Wonder Love about how her and Chris were reckless with their gift of marriage, took each other for granted and nearly divorced. Instead, they chose to slowly renew their relationship--and their vows. They're proof that with God, anything is possible.

There are three things I never thought I'd be: 1. married 2. a mother 3. barefoot in the kitchen (and happy about all of the above!)

But 10 years ago, I stood in the rain, wrapped in my boyfriend's arms, and it was just like every one said it would be: in that moment I just knew.

I just knew that I was standing there with the man I would one day marry, and three years later, Chris and I tied the knot despite the fact that for most of my life, I thought I'd be too rootless to ever settle down with one person for the rest of my life.

I can't pinpoint why it was so tough for us, but I suspect that it was largely due of my inability to figure out how to balance my fierce longing for independence with my desire to be in a relationship. Honestly, the only thing easy about our relationship were those first moments...but even during that we were braving a storm.

My blog (Adored Austin) is about clothes, so I try to keep my dirty laundry off of it--both literally and figuratively. The problem, though, is that sometimes my lightheartedness on the blog makes my life read as a romantic comedy where everything is laughs and perfection. Off the blog, I'll be the first to tell you that my marriage has been the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life.

Bloggers or not, people don't like to air their dirty laundry, so people go through life thinking that their struggles are an anomaly. The hardest part for me was reconciling my faith with my failing marriage. I'd keep telling myself "Christians are supposed to have hard marriages! Christians shouldn't be considering divorce! No one in my church is dealing with this, are they?!" Thankfully, as I started to talk to more and more people about the struggles of marriage, I learned that many people shared our story.

Since recommitting to each other and to God, our marriage is becoming a better picture of what a great marriage can be. Our friends notice a marked difference, and Chris and I are both excited about how God is using our marriage to bring us closer to Him. While I wouldn't say that our marriage has gotten easier, I would say that now we are quick to offer and to receive grace.

Most important, I am harkened back to that day 10 years ago when I just knew--when we clung to each other in the downpour. When life's rains start dumping on us, we've learned to cling tight to each other and our faith. Storms are easier to endure together than apart, and eventually storms pass. Love always remains.