Letters to Rooney, 5 Months

Dear Rooney,

If I have learned anything in the past three months, it's that I don't want to work full-time away from you. I miss you too much, and I am missing out on all the fun things you're doing! I hope that some time in the next year I am able to see you more during the day. Would you be OK with that?

I am so proud of you when you learn new things. I cried the other day when I saw you sitting up by yourself. You did it for about three minutes straight! That is very advanced, little lady. Next skill to perfect? Getting those cute little toes in your mouth! (You're trying so hard!)

Since you're so smart, maybe you can help me figure out how to keep you a baby. How to memorize your adorable little body and keep it in my brain forever. Gosh, I love you so much.

Love, Mama

P.S. You make me want more!

Dear Rooster,

What a ride the last five months have been. You have grown and changed so much. I was just telling your mom that I finally feel like I can play with you and not have to worry about you breaking.

My favorite thing to do is to teach you new things. We are currently working on sitting up, getting up on all fours and putting the pacifier back in your mouth. Once you master the pacifier we won't have to come to your room in the middle of the night anymore. That would be pretty neat!

You started growling the other day and it's both the cutest and funniest thing I've ever seen. My heart is exploding with love for you. I hope you can feel it.

Seeing your personality come to life has brought great joy to us as parents. A nice confirmation that we must be doing something right.

My only wish is that you would let me bulb syringe the boogers out of your nose. I don't care much for watching you breathe them in and out.

Love, Daddy