Last Night's Date: Aug. 31, 2011

We finally got back on our original Wednesday date night schedule. It was my turn to plan it this week. Because Kelsey only spent $0.34 on last Friday's date night, I had $20 to work with. So, we saddled up and rode our bikes to the Waukee farmer's market: a super condensed version of the Saturday morning spectacular in downtown Des Moines. This was the debut of Kelsey's new bike helmet (safety first, right, Missy?). Don't mind my face. I'm not good at riding a bike, taking a photo and smiling.  Multitasking burned me once, remember?

Waukee's version only has about three food vendors, but we found a great little stand that was selling pulled pork sandwiches. We should have shared because they were huge!

We then ventured over to the ice cream shop for dessert. This is my I'm-eating-a-Snickers-Blitz smile.

Then we headed for home.

We decided to watch a movie and settled on "When in Rome." If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor and don't. It's not that good. And highly predictable. But it was quality time that we got to spend together. Kelsey ate two giant pickles in bed. This has become a routine. It's so cute. When she was halfway done with one of them she says, "I have to have another one."

What have your date nights looked like lately?

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