Last Night's Date

Eric's mom and nephew came down yesterday to -- get this! -- CLEAN our house and put Roo to bed so we could go on a mid-week date! We were so excited. I have to say that dates are finally starting to feel back to "normal" for me. Less worrying about Rooney when we're gone and what we'll have to do when we get home. I'm able to focus on having fun with Eric and strengthening our marriage.

We went to Earl May (we have some coupons to spend this month that we got during our landscaping project), out to eat at On the Border (hello, guacamole! you are my new favorite food), to the mall (we are lame and only bought socks) and then to Orange Leaf with a gift card we received from friends when Rooney was born.

Afterward it was already 9:22 so our trip to the new Whole Foods had to be rescheduled.

We left smiling about how awesome God is, because on our way to the restaurant we talked about needing to have a certain couple over for dinner soon. Guess what? We ran into them at Orange Leaf and were able to enjoy our yogurt with them! Isn't it amazing how He orchestrates these things?

After we got home, we snuck in to watch Rooney sleep and then were off to bed.

I am so thankful for dates with my husband. They are crucial to our marriage. Have you had a good date lately?