Kelsey's Experience With Chiropractic

photo 31 Unlike Eric, I didn't go to a chiropractor growing up. I was pretty leery of it and didn't understand how cracking your back and neck could be good for you. I also knew of people who had been hurt doing it and thought I would stay away.

Then I met Eric. He has gone to a chiropractor since he was a baby, and his mom swears it helped him to not be sick or cry. Eric is a very healthy guy and doesn't ever go to the doctor so I appreciated his experience, but still didn't think I'd ever go to one.

Then we met Dr. Tyler through a small group at our church. I thought he and his wife were really cool, and he offered us a free visit to check it out, so we did. I really liked learning about his way of chiropractic (there are X-rays and scans involved) - it seemed like a really smart way of doing things.

Because we were still paying off school loans, we decided not to receive chiropractic care at that time. Dr. Tyler still gave us some posture tips and we kept them in mind. Honestly, I couldn't stop thinking about them, and I wanted to learn more. Then, last year, Rooney was diagnosed with torticollis (we'll share her full chiropractic story next week) so we decided to try chiropractic care with her, and we were kind of jealous of her and wanted to do it, too!

Why I Wanted to Go to the Chiropractor

  • My mom has multiple sclerosis and I always had a thought in the back of my head that I might get it, too. My fear is definitely lower now, but I think it's smart to take care of my nervous system as well as I can!
  • Dr. Tyler focuses on overall health - spiritual, physical, nutrition, etc. He gives us a lot of great food tips!
  • I have had pain in my right knee ever since playing college volleyball. It bothers me whenever I go on a short walk or run, which is really discouraging! I thought I might need to get surgery one day, but he took a look at it and told me he could fix it no problem!

Benefits I Didn't Expect

  • My seasonal allergies have significantly decreased. I used to take Claritin or Zyrtec every day in the fall! Now I take nothing and don't notice my allergies at all. They are gone!
  • I am less gassy. This is somewhat embarrassing to admit, but it has been a significant change in my life (which is probably related to eating better as well).
  • My menstrual cycles are more regular. TMI?
  • My knee doesn't hurt as bad after a long walk. It's still not perfect, but we're working on it. I may need to get arch supports to see more of a difference.
  • Last weekend I hurt my shoulder while putting on a jacket (it was so weird, it felt like it separated), and this week Dr. Tyler made sure it was in place and aligned. I was thrilled I didn't have to go see another doctor and that he is knowledgable about other body parts besides the spine.
  • I feel more in tune with my body. One thing I have been surprised about is how much more I notice it when I am sick or not feeling well. At first I thought I wouldn't get ever sick since we go to the chiro every week. Well, I've learned that's not a realistic expectation. I do get occasional headaches (I treat them with adjustments or peppermint). Last winter I got an ear infection that was super painful, and he helped us treat it naturally with oils and garlic. So while I do feel healthier overall, I definitely notice when I am sick or out of place.

We see Dr. Tyler every week right now. I absolutely LOVE how I feel right after an adjustment. I also love his recommendations for treating Roo's ailments with natural remedies. And because I've noticed so many benefits, I am excited to get chiropractic care during my next pregnancy to see how much better it makes me feel! I would strongly encourage you to check it out if you have a health issue you'd like to improve, or if you are just wanting to get healthier overall!

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