KC Birthday Masterpiece, Part 2

Read about what we did on Friday here. Saturday, March 5, 2011 (my birthday)

We took our sweet time in the morning since the Dave Ramsey LIVE! event didn't start until noon. I wanted to get to the arena by 11:30 so we could get decent seats, so we headed out for an early lunch/brunch. We stopped by Union Station and thought the cafe would be a nice place for some breakfast food. Unfortunately it was closed, but the express cafe was open (limited menu). So we took advantage of the time and explored the station. While we were eating, Becky called me and said because I wasn't at the arena yet, I wouldn't be able to participate in the game (bummer), but she said she did have a gift for me so I needed to find her when we got there (yipee).

When we got to the arena, we decided to walk around behind the stage in the bleachers to avoid the foot traffic on the concourse. We spotted some nice seats on the side of the stage and as we were walking by the stage I heard someone say, "Eric, happy birthday!" It was Jon Acuff, calling me out from the sound booth area by the stage. How sweet is that? It was like we had been friends forever (Saved by the Bell).

The show was awesome. Besides the guy next to me taking up half my leg room. Most of it was a refresher from Financial Peace University, but it was just the kick in the pants that we needed to stay motivated as we save for our 3-6 months emergency fund. We heard Rachel Cruze and Jon Acuff during the pre-show and during the break Becky gave me a coupon for one free item from the Financial Peace University booth. Kels and I went to look at the items and realized that we already had all of the materials, so we decided to give the coupon to a young couple in line. They were on the fence about spending the $99 to take the class, so we took that excuse away. I really hope their lives are blessed by that. I also managed to catch a free T-shirt that they were throwing out from stage (errbody loves free T-shirts).

What a great birthday. Best one ever, I think? We cruised home because Kels and I had to speak at our church's high school youth group the next day and we had some finalizing to do to our talk. We didn't get home till about 10:30, but we cruised home listening to Garth Brooks' Greatest Hits album. A classic.

So thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. Now you know what we did in KC to celebrate. I am allowing an extension for late birthday cards!