"It's Your Money" Book Is Now Available!


It's finally here! My first book, It's Your Money, is now available! All of the details for purchasing the book are further down in the post. But! We've got a special offer for today only.

Why Buy Today?

Early Bird offer: If you buy the book and email me a copy of the receipt, I'm giving away 10 copies of the paperback version. Again, this only goes to the first 10 who email me their receipt (whether you buy it on Amazon or directly from our site).

2nd bonus offer: If you buy the book today (8/29/13) in any version and email me your receipt, I'll send you a free copy of The Family Playbook (workbook), currently priced at $6.99.

This offer is for today (8/29/13) only. So if you are thinking about buying, do it today and get The Family Playbook too! Email receipts with your name and address to eric {at} wordsofwilliams {dot} com. This offer has expired.

What People Are Saying About "It's Your Money"

Abandon average, punch debt in the face, and discover financial freedom. YOU can conquer your finances, and Eric's practical, authentic tips will show you how.

One of the best books about money that I have ever read! I was able to get a sneak peek copy of the book a couple days ago and I finished it last night. I am making my husband read it now so we can both sit down after he's done and 'play the budget board game.' - Kathleen

I read it in one sitting last night. it’s fantastic! Tonight I’m playing around with our budget and reevaluating a few of our previous financial strategies. I love reading new material on budgeting and finances because no matter how good i think we’re doing, there is always room for improvement. It’s well worth the $4.99! - Kaylan

I was very impressed with Eric Williams's "It's Your Money". It was a refreshing read on how to handle money from someone who is living a similar life style to me [i.e. not a millionaire toting a new book, telling me how to be frugal]. After reading this book, I was re-energized to sit down with my husband and tweak the budget and put an intense focus on our financial goals - both long term and short term. I highly recommend! -Mary Sievers

Book Release

If you need some motivation to kick-start your budget and get out of debt, please check out It's Your Money. It would be a great (20,000-word) read for the Labor Day weekend and a great way to punch your September budget in the face.

Details Before You Buy

  1. Buy it here: You can purchase a digital copy of the book directly from this page by clicking the button below. This will give you access to the book in .mobi (Kindle), .epub (iBooks and other eReaders) and PDF form. This gives you the most flexibility for reading in multiple ways. [purchase_link id="20709" text="Get Instant Access!" style="button" color="green"]
  2. Kindle Store: You can find the book in the Amazon Kindle Store. Buy the Kindle Version on Amazon.
  3. Paperback: The book is also available in paperback on Amazon. Buy the paperback version on Amazon.

2 Things That Would Really Help Us Out

  1. Leave a review: If you purchase the book, thanks a million! I'd also like to ask you for a favor. Please leave an honest review on Amazon. Reviews help others find the book may even help it move up the best seller's rankings... wouldn't that be something?
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Lastly, I dedicate this book to Rooney. It was the idea of our children growing up in a debt-free home that inspired and motivated us to get on budget, pay off our debt and start creating a legacy for our family.


Seriously, thanks for everything. Sharing our experiences with you all is a lot of fun!