Happy Birthday, Kelsey!

Happy 28th birthday, Kels. I'm sorry to see you leave the world of 27. We are going to miss you for the next six months until my birthday. Once again, you are left to pick out your own present. No surprises, but I know that's just the way you like it. We have been thinking about baby Williams so much lately, your birthday really snuck up on me. I have to remember to keep my priorities in check. It's hard, but I love you so much!!

Here are a few reasons I love you.

  • I love how you hold my arm when I drive as if to say you are proud that I am yours.
  • I love your long, dark brown hair and the many ways you style it.
  • I love that you do the laundry.
  • I love your innocence, and your inquisitive nature.
  • I love watching you mature in preparation for motherhood.
  • I love watching your belly grow.
  • I love watching you get ready in the morning (even though it takes a hundred thousand minutes).
  • I love your smile and your laugh.
  • I love when you lay your head on my chest and we fall asleep together.
  • I love watching you type (your blogging skills are sexy).

In honor of my refusal to try to surprise you with a gift that you will have to return, please accept this as your birthday present.

Birthday Gift Card

I tried to rush this special gift, but I got this notice...

This is your last birthday before we have a little snicker-doodle in the family, I hope it's your most favorite birthday ever in the history of the universe!

Free back rubs for you upon request from now through our anniversary. That's how much I love you.

Let's all show Kelsey how much we love her. Comment, tweet, post, email, text.

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