8 Lyrics That Will Keep Your Heart From Freezing

It’s official. The Williams house has been infected with the Frozen bug for quite some time. Infected to the point that it follows us everywhere. Rooney enjoys watching it on the TV, iPad, listening to the soundtrack in the minivan, and sings herself to sleep while lying in her crib. Let’s be honest, it’s a good movie with great characters, and some great tunes to sing along to. And since we’ve been through all the Curious George episodes on Netflix at least three times, Frozen has been a welcomed change of pace.

One can only listen to the Frozen soundtrack so many times before the lyrics start to sink in. I guess I’ve hit that point. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, keep listening, you’ll get there too.

We’ve been traveling a lot the past month and the soundtrack has been on repeat for all of our travels. But, now we even have a new way of measuring distance by how many times we go through the Frozen soundtrack or movie…for example…

  • Home to the zoo: 1 Frozen soundtrack
  • Home to Nana and Papa’s house: 1.25 Frozen movies
  • Home to Grandma D’s house: 1 Frozen movie
  • Home to downtown - Woody’s BBQ: 1 Frozen soundtrack
  • Home to church (round-trip): 1 Frozen soundtrack

Frozen Family Photo

^ This photo was taken on a 1.25 Frozen movies trip to Nana and Papa's (Kelsey's parents)

So, as we’ve listened and mumbled through the lyrics near countless times over the past few months and watched about a dozen times as well, there have been a few lyrics that got me thinking. (I could be brainwashed, I’m not completely sure, I'll let you decide.)

Frozen Lyrics That Got Me Thinking

  1. Do You Want to Build a Snowman? “I think some company is overdue, I’ve started to the pictures on the wall… hang in there Joan.” Takeaway: Life is not meant to be done alone. As somewhat of an introvert, it can be hard to remember, but we were created for community, and to lean on each other. And, if you’re alone for too long, you just might start talking to the pictures on the wall…
  2. For the First Time in Forever “Conceal, don’t feel, put on a show, make one wrong move and everyone will know” Takeaway: Seems like a burdensome way to live your life. Bad things grow in the darkness. Sometimes it's best to get them out into the light where they can be scorched by the sun and healing can begin. And… secrets don’t make friends. If we didn't make mistakes, we'd likely never learn the important lessons needed to do greater things the next time around.
  3. Love is an Open Door “Love is an open door with you” Takeaway: Yes, love is an open door. So don’t shut it. Keep it open, give the keys of your heart to the one you love and trust them with it. It’s not always easy to do. We live by this motto in our marriage. Nothing is off limits to talk about. (In this case… trust has to be earned over time… Prince Hans turns out to be a creep in the end)
  4. Let it Go “It’s funny how some distance can make everything seem so small.” Takeaway: Sometimes when we pour ourselves into something, or are feeling really frustrated by a certain situation, it’s best to put some distance between us and the problem. Walk away and take some time and deep breaths before making a decision, or taking an action. It can help us gain clarity and sometimes problems aren’t as big as we once thought.
  5. Let it Go “Let it go, that perfect girl is gone” Takeaway: Nobody’s perfect, and trying to be perfect can leave you locked in a room by yourself for most of your life. Trying to be perfect and please everyone tends to cause burnout. I struggled with this for years and still do sometimes!
  6. In Summer “When life gets rough I like to hold onto my dream” Takeaway: In the long and winding road of trying to get from A to B, life can get rough and messy. We may feel like giving up, but by holding onto our dream and remembering what lies ahead at destination B can help bring the focus and inspiration needed to keep going.
  7. For the First Time in Forever (reprise) “You don’t have to live in fear” Takeaway: Fear is crippling. It holds us down in a place we’re not meant to live. We should find a way to face our fears and work through them. (Unless we’re talking about snakes… )
  8. Fixer Upper “People make bad choices when they're mad or scared or stressed” Takeaway: Yes, and I would also add hungry to that list as well. In our weaknesses our character shows up. When our will power tank is depleted we tend to not think as clearly and our decision making ability is hindered. Poor financial decisions often happen when we’re in one of those  four states.
Summing it all up

The theme of the movie (spoiler alert) is to find a way to face your fears and use your gifts for good. In Queen Elsa’s case, that lumpy troll, and her parents gave her some bad advice during her childhood.

They told her to conceal her powers, hide them, and keep them locked away. I don’t like this. In the end, we see that love is all it took to use her powers for good.

Find your strengths and learn how to use them for good.

What do you love about the movie Frozen? Who's Your favorite character? Favorite scene? (My favorite character is is the shop owner in Wandering Oaken's Trading Post... Yoohoo!)

Frozen Lyrics