Financial Post Roundup

It never ceases to amaze me when I look back over the past two-plus years of blog posts and see the breadth of information and life lessons that get buried in the archives. I thought it would be nice to resurface some of our best financial posts into one place. After all, it is tax season and mid-February; what better time to take your financial temperature? Financial post roundup

Getting Out of Debt

  1. Dave Ramsey: An introduction to the man who changed our financial lives forever.
  2. Financial Peace University: The course that taught us more about money in 13 weeks than we learned in our first 25 years of life.
  3. Second Jobs: A necessary yet sucky sacrifice we had to make.
  4. Mistakes: They happen. We just try to learn from them so they don't happen twice.
  5. Giving: The funnest part of having control of your money.

Our Financial Journey

  1. Budget Breakdown
  2. Why We're Not Saving for Retirement (Yet)
  3. Debt Free for One Year: Progress Report
  4. Fully Funded Emergency Fund
  5. How We Used Our 2011 Tax Return
  6. We Bought A Minivan (With Cash!)
  7. Transitioning Between Financial Baby Steps
  8. How Kelsey Switched to Part-Time, Part 2
  9. Updated: Budget Breakdown
  10. Goodbye, Second Mortgage
  11. Completing Baby Step #3: Six Month Emergency Fund
  12. Financial Forecast 2013

Budgeting Basics

Money Mistakes

  1. Stupid Tax: The Honeymoon
  2. Stupid Tax: Buying a House Before We Were Ready
  3. Stupid Tax: The Jeep Loan
  4. Stupid Tax: My First Groupon Experience

Baby Budgeting



 Can you believe how many money posts we've written over the past two years?

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