4 Things

Hey-o. Happy Saturday, peeps. We usually take the weekends off from blogging to refuel, but we wanted to take the temperature of you, our readers. We have a few questions for you so we can better focus our content. (Please ignore the fact that Kelsey is yelling in the video.)  

If you can't watch, here are the four things.

1. Thanks for reading! Especially those of you who come every day to check in on our lives and read what's on our minds. We really do appreciate it.

2. What questions do you have for us? Ask us anything you want! Leave a comment below, and we will answer your questions in a video blog.

3. What do you like reading about the most? Marriage, routines, productivity, daily life, love, money, food, faith, (insert your own idea)...

4. Are we friends on Facebook or Twitter yet? You can follow Kelsey, Eric, or WordofWilliams. Or, like Words of Williams on Facebook.

Bonus points to who can guess what song is in the video.

We hope your Easter weekend is off to an awesome start!