Words of Williams Gets a Facelift and a Sport Coat

You may have noticed some subtle changes to the design of WoW over the past few weeks. Or you may have seen a leak of our new About page (Kelsey was so excited she couldn't help but tweet about it).https://twitter.com/kelseywilliams/status/454628165382455299 A couple weeks ago, I asked my good friend Jason Bradley come over to help migrate our site to a new theme, Lean Theme. The theme we used to use (Standard) was no longer supported, and there have been some areas of the site that I've wanted to update for a while, but couldn't due to functionality and lack of Web development skills.

Which is why I was super pumped when Jason came out with his own theme. It had the features, function, and flexibility that we needed to give Words of Williams a facelift and a sport coat.


Here are a few things that we've updated on the site that we hope improve usability and overall experience for you.

Words of Williams

  • Navigation: We've combined a few pages and tried to simplify things. We've also added a Home and Blog link to the navigation.
  • Header: Honey, we've shrunk the header.... more on this below, but we've shrunk it so that more of the content is above the fold (on the screen before you have to scroll). Thought being, you can get to reading the content sooner.
  • Social Icons: We've created a few new social icons and split them up between us (combined accounts are gray, Kelsey is orange, and mine are green).
  • Load Time: By simply moving to Lean Theme, we've improved the site load time by 60%! From 13.89 seconds down to 5.63. You can see why he named it Lean Theme!

Sport Coat

So, the one thing I've wanted to do for a while is to create a true home page for our site. A place for those who find the site to get to know us a little better before digging into the blog. So, let me introduce you (if you haven't already seen it) to the new homepage.

Here's a sneak peak, but be sure to check out the whole thing in all its homepage glory.

Words of Williams Homepage


And if you've been wondering why our blogging has been so sporatic lately... this is probably why. I've been busy googling things like: bootstrap tutorials, how to add javascript to my wordpress site, inline css help, and many other similar clueless Web development terms. It has been fun, but I've been dreaming in HTML lately...

Kelsey has a little something up her sleeve coming soon for Snappy Casual, too! Stay tuned for that.

What do you think of all the changes? What's your favorite new thing? How can we make things easier for you on the site?