Chiropractic Q&A, Part 2

This is a continuation of my Q&A with Dr. Tyler Molstre. Let me know if you have any questions for him and maybe we can do a part 3!

How does chiropractic help prevent and heal ear infections - especially for children?

Chiropractic helps with ear infections on two levels. First of all, chiropractic restores nerve function. Your nervous system controls your immune system. If the immune system has been compromised, the inner ear is a great place for bacteria to take up residence. If the nervous system is working properly, the immune system won’t be compromised, thus no bacteria residing in the inner ear! If a child has an inner ear infection (otitis media), chiropractic adjustments restore the nerve function so that the immune system can fight off and kill the bacteria causing the infection.

The second level chiropractic works on is the anatomy. If the first bone in the cervical spine (neck) is misaligned, it can allow the Eustachian tube to become blocked or closed. Any bacteria in the Eustachian tube can multiply and wreak havoc on the inner ear, causing swelling/inflammation and pain. By realigning that first bone (atlas) to its normal position, the Eustachian tube opens up and a healthy immune system (a result of the same adjustment) will fight off that infection.

Sometimes, it takes a series of adjustments to repair. I’ve had adult patients with this problem and it took weeks to fix. Most of the time, a child who has ear infections and has never been under the right chiropractic care can expect to see significant results within 3-5 adjustments. Of course, this depends on the child’s lifestyle (chemical stress, emotional stress and physical stress).

What is the biggest health issue you see with your patients?

There is no question as to what the biggest health issue in America is. Lack of responsibility. Most Americans don’t want to change their lifestyles to avoid ever having the problem. They would rather take something to get immediate results than to modify their lifestyle to avoid ever having the problem again. In America, we have what I refer to as a “Medical Covenant.” This Medical Covenant is understood that we, as people, tend to wait, wait, wait until something is so severe that we can no longer tolerate the issue or pain. When it gets to this point, and it’s interfering with our ability to enjoy our “normal” lives, we go to our doctors and say “Doctor, I’ve got this problem, can YOU fix it for me?” Translation: "Can you give me a pill, potion, lotion or surgery to make me feel better?" Then, the doctor promptly writes a script for a pill, recommends a surgery, performs therapy or provides an adjustment to alleviate (albeit temporarily) the pain.

The answer isn’t in “getting” something from our doctors. It’s in partnering with our doctors. For example, “What can I change in my lifestyle to fix this naturally and to prevent it from coming back?” In other words, it’s not what we can get or take, but rather what can we change to prevent this from ever becoming a real problem. Our office does just that. We want you to become independent, not dependent upon us. We want to teach you how to live a wellness lifestyle so that there is rarely a need for crisis care. The longer one waits to change their lifestyles, the more extensive the procedures are, the more expensive the care is and the more dangerous they are. Choose to change your lifestyle now.

What role do you think medical doctors should play in our health care?

Our medical system is broken. It’s not health care. It’s sick care. Our medical doctors are brilliant people. Unfortunately, they are trained to find illness and disease. You can’t help someone to become healthy if you’re looking for disease. Look around the room you are in right now. Find everything you can that is brown or has brown in it. Make mental notes of everything in the room that is brown.

Now, how many things can you list that were blue in your room? NONE! You were looking for brown! If we’re looking to create a healthier America, we can’t do it fighting disease. We have to start by educating people as to what health is. When people understand that every decision they make impacts their health, they can begin to make better choices.

There will always be a need for medicine. People will always have accidents, and some people are prone to illnesses or diseases. This is where medical doctors flourish. They are there to provide emergency care. Better health through better chemistry has never worked, and it never will. The answer to health is in having a healthy, properly functioning nervous system and to surround that healthy system with a healthy lifestyle. Period.


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