A Jeep Named Trish

One day on our way home from work, Kels thought it would be fun to name our Jeep. I don't really remember how it came about, but we landed on Trish.

We both thought it was kind of funny. I like to pretend that Trish is a human sometimes. Like when we go through the car wash, Trish is taking a shower. When the rear window is dirty, Trish wipes her rear (this was Kelsey's joke, and my personal fav). Or when she has to go to the mechanic, Trish is sick and has to go to the doctor. Speaking of the doctor...

Trish went into a coma last week. Her starter went out. So we had to have an ambulance (tow truck) take her to the hospital (repair shop) to run some tests to find out what was wrong. $650 dollars later, Trish was out of a coma and acting like herself again.

So, that's the story of Trish and her life as a 7-year-old.

Does anyone else think this way?

Update: We gave Trish up for adoption and then adopted Sophia Grace.