A Day in the Life...of a New Mom

Yesterday I...

  • Replaced a pacifier a thousand times (I counted)
  • Cried to Eric out of fatigue and frustration
  • Didn't shower
  • Wore ugly socks

  • Introduced Rooney to Needtobreathe (she loved it!)
  • Stared at the most gorgeous eyelashes I have ever seen
  • Went out for lunch with Heidi and Beckett


  • Listened to hours and hours of white noise
  • Gave six bottles
  • Changed five diapers (one smelly one that required four wipes)

  • Got out of the house by myself for a few minutes...to the grocery store
  • Was the lucky recipient of a beautiful, genuine baby smile
  • Gave an excessive number of kisses to chubby cheeks

  • Googled "cry it out" and "colic"
  • Received forgiveness from an amazing husband
  • Thanked the Lord for a sleeping baby
  • Prayed for energy and patience