5 Things I Wish I Didn't Spend Money On



Diapers. We've decided for our family that disposable diapers are more realistic than cloth, but I could certainly find better ways to spend $50 a month. Hats off to those of you who use cloth diapers and wipes. (See also: Our Budget With a Toddler)


Mortgage. Can you even imagine what it will feel like when you don't have to make a mortgage payment each month? I know some of our readers know what that's like. I can't wait til we get there! (See also: Thinking About Refinancing?)


Fuel. I love having a minivan, but really wish I lived in a place where I could bike or walk to work, church, restaurants, the grocery store, etc. We would certainly still need to buy fuel to travel to see our families, but I'd love to spend less on it. We love riding our bikes when the weather is nice, and I really wish we were able to do it more. Currently, we spend about $280 on fuel each month. (See also: We Bought a Minivan (With Cash!))


Bank fees. Is there anything more frustrating than bank fees? We actually haven't had any since switching banks, but that was one of the very worst things I would see on our statement when we were with our old bank. (See also: 7 Steps to Switching Banks)


Cavity fillings. I had zero cavities growing up (on my parents insurance, mind you) and then went through a period of my life (read: college) where I didn't go to the dentist. I ate a lot of sugar during that time and, to be honest, I don't brush my teeth as much as I'm supposed to. I had FOUR fillings last week and felt horrible. It's certainly zero fun AND it costs money. Lose-lose. :(

What payments do you wish you could get rid of? Debt? Insurance?

UPDATE 7/25/13: PARKING. I hate paying for parking! We went to an Iowa Cubs baseball game and had to pay to park. It was only $3, but still feels like a total waste of money when there is free street parking a few blocks away. (Eric didn't feel like driving around any longer to look for an open spot.)