12 Things I Learned This Weekend: Jan. 20-22, 2012


1. We work with some pretty cool people who know how to have a good time.

2. Our co-worker JSam asks questions like Barbara Walters. She's always interviewing me.

3. We really miss our friend Keisha, who has not been able to eat lunch with us daily due to her puppy in training (sad face).

4. Capri Sun is the drink of choice for pregnant Kels, and others as well.

5. Eight-months pregnant Kels still has some good dance moves. My love for her grows as her belly grows.

Words of Williams

6. Doughnuts are the best lazy Saturday morning treat.

7. The iPad 2 is not just a large iPhone. It takes some getting used to, but we definitely love them. Thanks Stelter Company!

8. We have some really awesome friends that give our baby really cool gifts. Thanks Megan and Emily!

9. We need a new blender, and Coldstone is the best non-homemade smoothie we have tried. McDonald's and Starbucks are no good.

10. Jason and Alyssa Bradley love Chinese food maybe more than we do. Sad that we haven't gotten to know them sooner. They're new blogging friends for sure. Check them out.

11. I like to throw a lot of things together for breakfast such as: yogurt, grape nuts, strawberries, peaches, chocolate chips and almonds.

12. It's more fun to watch the NFL playoffs with life group friends rather than alone.

Watching football

What did you learn this weekend?

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