10 Years Ago Today

Freshman year at NIACC

Our first photo!

TEN YEARS AGO today, I met Eric in my parents' driveway for our first date. We were best friends (and had already had our first kiss, but you can read more about that in our Fairytale), and we were giving dating one last shot.

He wore a 3/4 baseball shirt and jeans, a puka shell necklace (oh my do you remember those?) and had shaggy orange hair. I had blonde highlights, but we can't remember what I was wearing.

We ate dinner at the local golf course restaurant, went back to my parents' house for a movie (Road to Perdition), then hung out in the hot tub. That night he asked me to be his girlfriend. I said "Definitely."

Two weeks later I was sure he was The One. I would have married him right then if he had asked.

Eric, I am so thankful that we are 10 years past that awkwardness. We have grown so much, in the same direction, at mostly the same pace (I'm keeping up with you pretty good!). I would choose you again! Love you!