10 Things I Don't Mind Spending Money On

10things Earlier this week I shared five things I wish I didn't spend money on, but here are 10 things I don't mind spending money on:


Tithing. We talked about this in Our Money Story video, but tithing is the first thing listed on our budget and what we feel is the most important thing we "spend" money on. Although 10% of our gross income is a significant amount of money (more than $600/month), we believe we are giving back to God what is rightfully his. (See also: Should You Tithe While in Debt?)


iPhone. Just because we watch very closely where our money is spent does not mean we don't have fun with our money! One of my favorite things I own is my iPhone. I use it to check email; take photos; edit photos; share photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; text my family and friends; check the weather; get directions; read the Bible; set alarms; etc. We have the 4S models and will be eligible for an upgrade this fall.


Internet. This is sort of a must-have for us as bloggers. We even upgraded to 12 mbps a while back to get a faster connection. When our Internet is down at home we don't know what to do with ourselves.


Life insurance. Do you have life insurance outside of what is provided by your employer? It sounds silly to pay $20/month for something that you never hope to get back, but what the insurance really gives us is peace of mind, so it's totally worth it. (See also: 5 Steps to Setting Up a Term Life Insurance Policy)


Food. We used to spend about $400/month on food while we were in debt, but recently we've made the choice to eat mostly real/organic/gluten-free food, and because Rooney is now also requiring groceries of her own (and a separate meal when we go out to eat), we're spending closer to $600/month now. It's more expensive to eat organic, but it's something we think is worth it.


Date night. Because we've decided that our marriage is a priority, I'm certainly OK allocating our money likewise. This means we might splurge on ice cream after Rooney goes to bed, rent a movie or watch Netflix, and take a break from blogging and chores one night per week. Sometimes we think we are too busy for date night and then a few days later I am crabby and needing that break! We also like to do real date nights where we get a sitter and leave the house, but these don't happen very much. We'd love to get these once a month...any takers on babysitting? (See also: In-Home Date Night)


Retirement. Eric and I are currently investing 10% of our income for retirement (not including the 4% employer match we both get). This is more than the typical 5% that many people put in. Our retirement projections look quite promising and we could likely retire early if we keep it up.


Vacation. Vacation is one of my favorite things and we think it is so important to get away to recharge. I'd much rather decrease my salary and increase my time off if given the choice. (See also: Avoiding the Vacation Hangover)


Gifts. Giving gifts to others is one of my favorite things to do! It's even more fun when you know you can afford to do it. We save for birthday, anniversary, baby and Christmas gifts year-round so if I see something in March that would be great for a Christmas gift, I can pounce on the opportunity. (See also: Christmas Shopping: Stop the $tress in 5 Steps)


Chiropractic care. I didn't start going to the chiropractor until one year ago, but I am a huge believer! I really think there are few things chiropractic adjustments can't cure (well, the adjustment itself actually doesn't cure you, but it allows your body to heal itself). We spend $220 per month on chiropractic care because we all go every single week. I'm hoping we can save some money on this in future years, but it's certainly a priority for us.

What don't you mind spending money on?