This Weekend...


Kelsey started things off by bringing Rooney into work. Dressed her up in this little flash dance outfit.

baby leggings

We did some landscaping shopping for a big outdoor make-over we are planning this Spring.

We used an Applebee's gift card some good friends gave us for a night out as a family.

We laughed at an episode of Modern Family.

We enjoyed the best sleep we've had in the past month. Sleeping by 9PM up at 6AM with only 1 feeding in the middle.

I ran 5.25 miles. The farthest I've ran since high school XC.

We welcomed a visitor. One of Kelsey's small group girls stopped by to meet Rooney.

We finally found some time to vacuum, do laundry and put away dishes.

I got some much needed snuggle time.

Snuggling with Daddy

We took full advantage of DQs last day of buy 1 blizzard get the 2nd free.

Dairy Queen Blizzards

We watched Kentucky dunk their way to  the Championship. (Fell asleep before the end of the KU/OSU game)

We watched the Palm Sunday service online.

We took our first trip out of town to see our nieces dance recital. And... coordinated outfits with Mylie.

Rooney and Mylie

We watched Mylie show us how to eat spaghetti.

How was your weekend? We could really use an extra day of rest.