The Lions Club Chicken BBQ

In the teeny tiny very small town of Rowan, Iowa, the Lions Club holds an annual chicken BBQ. For as long as I can remember, it's been a family tradition of ours to attend. My grandpa is a member of the Lions Club and we get to see him hard at work year after year. The menu hasn't changed since I was a little kid: chicken, beans, coleslaw, a bun, butter and a small cup of ice cream. For a beverage, it's your choice of milk from a carton, water, or coffee.

The event takes place in the old Rowan school where my grandpa '55 and grandma '57 graduated. I'll let the pictures paint the scene for you!

That's a lot of chicken!!

...and beans

That's me and my grandpa! He taught me how to make a lay-up in the Rowan gym.

Flippin' the chicken

yum yums!

Lots of people, and, yes, that's shag carpet on the walls.


Grandma (they have been married 50+ years!)

My sister and I watching Grandpa work

Happy Sunday night everyone!!

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