Talking With Your Spouse About God

Reader email: I was inspired by your relationship and the honesty you have on your blog. My boyfriend and I have been trying to strengthen our relationship in God. My biggest problem, however, is having conversations about our relationship and God. How do you two talk about God and have open conversations about religion and God?

She Says

Eric and I's conversations about God and religion come mostly from attending church together and then, immediately afterward, discussing what we thought about the message.

We've also taken a few classes together at our church. I would suggest the Alpha course if it is offered in your area. It is like an introduction to Christianity and gives you the opportunity to learn or review the foundational Christian beliefs together and then discuss what you personally think about it.

Also, we read the Bible separately each morning, and occasionally we will share with each other during the day what we read and if we learned anything or what we thought of it.

He Says

I don't know when it hit me, but sometime after college I developed a love for learning. From that, it's very easy for me to want to talk things through with Kels so that we can learn together. Sometimes I think about things more than she does though and it leaves us both frustrated. She thinks I'm pestering her with questions, and I feel like I don't get any answers.

One soloution to this that we have found is that we both enjoy hearing the same message and then talking about it (as opposed to me reading a blog post and trying to teach her--she doesn't like that). So, church is a great place for that. We have also found that books on CD work well for car rides and can open up some great conversation about God and faith. For instance, you could start with Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller.

I would also encourage you to pray together. God says "Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened." If you both have a yearning for learning more and growing your faith, God will come through and bless that.

You could also buy a couple's devotional and do that together daily, or join a Bible study. These are great ways to help grow your faith in God and help deepen your relationship with your significant other.