Sponsor Post: Brianna Dawson | concept & design

Happy June! We're excited to introduce you to our new friend, Brianna, today. When I first saw her illustrations on Facebook, I thought, "We HAVE to tell people about her!" She does amazing work and we're silly giddy to see the set of prints she's currently creating for our family! So pleased that she is a WoW fan and will be advertising on our sidebar this month. Enjoy!

Hello everyone! My name is Brianna Dawson, and I’m the owner of Brianna Dawson | concept & design, a new creative company located in Urbandale, Iowa. As an enthusiast of all areas of art, I’m dedicated to creating unique and custom design, photography, and illustration products and services that you can’t find elsewhere.

Whether I’m photographing an adorable little newborn, designing a one-of-a-kind logo for a start-up business, or illustrating a custom portrait of a friend, my passion is always to make your world prettier, build memories that are unforgettable and help your business thrive with design that makes an impact.

Here is a breakdown of the specific services I offer:

PHOTOGRAPHY | engagements • weddings • seniors • events • families • event photo booths • fashion portraits • food and beverages

ILLUSTRATION | portraits • decorative prints • apparel • & more (online shop opening later this month! :))

DESIGN | posters • logos & identity systems • packaging • cards & invitations • layouts • websites • brochures • annual reports


Feel free to stop by and say hello on my Facebook page, where I post fun creative finds, my recent work, business updates and awesome giveaways. I look forward to helping you with your next creative idea!