Since I Met You...

...I have gotten brave and tried lots of new foods. Thank you for encouraging me and being persistent. I have to say the best one you've introduced me to is sour cream dip. Mmm!

...I have learned what it means to not always get my way. And that was (is) a hard but necessary lesson.

...I have had a constant friend by my side. It is easy to take you for granted because you have always been there, but every time we are apart it feels like something is missing. --KW

...I learned how to dress. Thank you for teaching me how to put together an outfit and that white undershirts are not cool.

...I learned that you don't have to be five minutes early to be on time, but that being on time is good enough.

...I learned to embrace social media and blogging, and technology in general. When you were on MySpace, getting to know people you had never met, I thought it was the weirdest thing ever. Now I think the Internet is pretty neat. --EW