Where Have All the Pacifiers Gone? And Other Parenting Mysteries

parenting I definitely thought parenting would be a little more black and white than it is. There are some things about parenting that just make me shake my head!

Parenting Mysteries

  • They always seem to poop right after you change their diaper. What? Why?
  • To where do all the pacifiers disappear? Why at 21 months of age was I still buying pacifiers? Where have they gone?!!!
  • That ONE DAY you plan a lunch date, your baby will take an epic long nap. Happens every time!
  • When you put them to bed later, and they wake up earlier.
  • When you put them to bed earlier, and they sleep longer.
  • You can be SO ready for them to go to bed, and then miss them 15 minutes later.
  • The hardest parts of parenting Rooney is because she is so much like me, which I would have thought would make it easier.
  • One day they love macaroni and cheese and the next day they will hate it.
  • Breastfeeding is so natural yet feels so darn difficult and unnatural (at least for us).
  • They say no but they really mean yes.
  • The days feel so darn long, yet the years go by so fast...

Parenting is such a science experiment. Do you agree? I want to hear what about parenting has been mind-blowing for you!