Over the Weekend: Oct. 7-9, 2011

Friday (5-Year Anniversary)

After work, Kels settled into the final chapters of her book, which she devoured this week. While she was reading, I was working out in the basement.

We took advantage of a stellar coupon from Sam and Louie's Pizza sent to Kelsey for her birthday. We enjoyed a free pizza with purchase of two drinks! Their pizza is awesome and our anniversary dinner cost us $6 (with tip). Booyah!

After dinner we went home and watched "Brothers" on Netflix in bed. It was just an OK movie, but the opening scene takes place on Oct. 7, 2007, so that was kind of spooky. We had some left over ice cream dessert that Kelsey's mom made, so we enjoyed some. Kelsey's piece is on the right.


I convinced Kelsey to come downstairs and try out the Kenpo X DVD (P90X workout) with me. She made it through the 10-minute stretch, but that was probably enough for her anyway with baby on board.

A low-key afternoon around the house before watching the Hawkeye game. They lost. And, it's going to be  a very long football season.

We were then off to church followed by supper at Culver's. We had a serious dreaming session about the next camera that we are going to buy.


When Kelsey awoke from her slumber she decided to institute a new Sunday tradition whereby we go get donuts for breakfast. No complaints here!

Then we cleaned the house, which was long overdue.

Lounging was the word of the afternoon, and then Kelsey was off to get ready for the Bella Salon Fashion show.

She looked amazing, and the cigarette thingy was just for show. Doesn't she look purdy?

How was your weekend?

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