Over the Weekend: Oct 14-16, 2011


The supper of champions. Or just a pregnant woman. We ate at the mall food court and also looked for socks for Eric, checked out the new iPhones (can't wait to get ours in a couple weeks!) and scoped out BabyGap's selection (more on that tomorrow).

We curled up in bed with our books (actually, I ended up writing a blog post instead) before lights out at 9 p.m. Yep, we're old like that.


I've been looking forward to Saturday for a while now because I got to spend the morning shopping with my sister. I wrote more about it on Snappy Casual. We spent a few hours in Maurices and Old Navy, and she had a lot of luck! She bought seven new tops and a dream dress, and I think she only spent around $20 because she had gift cards to both stores. I'm happy to say she didn't buy one black item. :) I should mention that the above items are less than half the things she tried on at Maurices, and the only one she bought was the gray dress on the far left (which you can't really see).

We got a puppy!!! Just kidding. After church and a trip to Wal-mart Auto and Kohl's, we visited our friends Keisha and Joe (designer and coder of our blog). They got this beautiful English Creme Golden Retriever puppy this weekend and we wanted to visit miss Jovie.

We ended the night celebrating this guy for his 28th birthday. Whoop! That's Tommy and his wife, Missy. Remember they wrote a guest post for us this summer?


Jam session to our current-favorite album on our way to lunch with my family. Eric was a good husband and changed the oil in our car and mowed the lawn before my day even started.

HuHot makes everybody happy.

We were the lucky ducks who got to babysit Mylie while the rest of her family enjoyed the Laurie Berkner Band concert. And by babysit I mean let her sleep on our bed for an hour...but not before we snapped some cute photos.

We were total dorks and tried out our potential baby names on her to see how they sounded. Mylie, don't tell anyone what they are!

Eric upgraded the RAM on our laptop from 2GB to 4GB. It is four years old and was getting s-l-o-w. We're hoping this extends its life for a while so we can continue to use it for our blog.

Now, as I write this, we're enjoying sloppy joes and french fries and watching the Vikings football game. We got groceries this evening and made a video of our purchases that you'll see later this week!

Hope you had a great weekend! What was the highlight?