Over the Weekend: May 27-30, 2011


  • First, check out my delicious chicken alfredo lunch (with focaccia bread and bacon, of course) at Jason's Deli. Yum! Chicken Alfredo
  • After work, we curbed our desire to go out to eat again and instead went grocery shopping. We went to a different HyVee than usual and had a horrible time figuring out where everything was stocked.
  • I was having a sugar withdrawal, so we went to three different places and I finally succumbed to a three-pound bag (150 pieces) of Laffy Taffy. I used my entertainment allowance to pay for it and asked Eric to hide the bag so it lasts me longer than a week... Laffy Taffy
  • Eric invented (not really, but I've never had one) English muffin pizzas...which were pretty good. I made the perfect cherry coke--my favorite! English Muffin Pizza
  • Of course, watched a few episodes of LOST. We finally learned where the numbers came from!


  • We got up and packed so we could spend some time with my family in northern Iowa. On the way, Eric bought us (with his entertainment money) some Starbucks drinks. Eric gets an iced cafe mocha, and I enjoy the sweetened shaken passion iced tea lemonade. Starbucks
  • Our book-on-CD for the weekend was Quitter by Jon Acuff. We got halfway through it and are learning so much about day jobs and dream jobs! Quitter by Jon Acuff
  • Eric took my outfit photos by this cool train we saw on the way. Eric Train
  • We were at my parents' for an hour, and then we all traveled to Rochester, Minn., for my cousin Rachel's high school graduation party. She is the youngest grandchild on my mom's side, and I can't believe we're all out of high school now. Rachael and Kelsey
  • Back at my parents', we played with our nieces before they went to bed and then watched a couple of Oprah's last shows that my mom had taped.Kelsey and Mylie


  • We had planned to golf our first 18 holes of the year, but we got rained out.
  • Instead, my parents and brother drove south with us to Mason City to eat at Applebee's. We laughed and had a great time, especially when we realized that my dad had forgotten his wallet at home!
  • We drove the two hours back to our house, showered and went to the high school graduation party for this girl. She's got big things ahead of her.
  • Excitedly we drove downtown for the Taylor Swift concert! Needtobreathe, our favorite band, opened up for her so it was like our dream concert. Eric Doug and KelseyneedtobreatheTaylor treeTaylor at Wells Fargo Arena


  • An extra day in our weekend made me so darn happy! We slept in, cleaned up the house a bit, and then I sat on the deck while Eric mowed and edged the lawn.
  • Our friend Emily came over for lunch and so we could interview her about her amazing photography-ness. Memorial Day Lunch
  • We ran to the mall quick to see if there were any great sales going on. We came out with only a box of golf balls.
  • Leftovers for suppers and dessert during five episodes of LOST was a perfect way to end the weekend.

What was the best part of your weekend?