Over the Weekend: Aug. 5-7, 2011


After work we headed north two hours, just past Mason City to Rock Falls. My dad and stepmom have a permanent campsite on a river just outside of town. It's pretty much paradise. I don't want to call it camping, because their camper is really a second home on wheels. Fifteen minutes from home, they often spend a few nights a week at the campground and all weekends from April 15-Nov. 15 every year.

The Amenities

We wake up to this every morning

They made their own flagstone patio and have outdoor patio furniture that stays put all of the time.

What campsite doesn't have a fire pit?


Trails through woods at the back of the campground keep the adventure exciting on this bad boy.

And for getting around to visit friends and neighbors, why not travel in the EZ-GO?

You see, they don't exactly rough it out there, but it is a home-away-from-home. And we love visiting. Kelsey enjoyed some freeze-pops shortly after arrival, and we caught up.

Look out for that face above my head!

Then Kels got in a cut-throat game of cards with some very experienced competition. My dad took me around the campground to show me what has changed in the past year. They are adding cool stuff all the time!

Friday night was capped with some great deep conversation around the fire. The greatest way to spend time with family!


Dad and I were up early to golf in a memorial golf tournament for a friend of his that committed suicide a while back. The proceeds went to the local suicide prevention charity. Patrick got his nickname 'Pinky' because he always used a pink ball. They are easier to find!

We both won awards. Dad won the highest score and I won closest to the pin on hole No. 1. We had a blast.

After golf we headed back to the campground to get ready to go tubing. Diane (my stepmom) has a waterproof camera, but we forgot to bring it on the trip and, sadly, we didn't get any pictures beforehand either. But, my sister had arrived while we were golfing so we all went tubing. About a 2-hour trip down the river. What a great way to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather! We are feeling the effects of forgetting our sunscreen. Yikes, that burns!

We then met up with Kelsey's parents in Ventura for supper. We went to a local favorite, Rich's Muskie Lounge.

And after supper we walked out on the dock to look at Clear Lake.

Of course, we then had to get ice cream!!

We then headed for home.


Started off pretty lazy. We didn't get up and going until after noon. We spent the morning relaxing. Around 1, we headed for the mall to do some back-to-school shopping for some new jeans. I hit a growth spurt this summer and my jeans are too short. OK, I made that last part up, but don't you always want to get some new clothes this time of year?

First, Kelsey had to get some Parmesan pretzel bites from PretzelMaker. Don't even mention Auntie Anne's or Kelsey can't be friends with you anymore. I don't get it, but I pick my battles, and this one I am sitting out of.

Then it was jean shopping time. She wanted me to stand on the stool, but I'm scared of heights.

 Then we happened upon a gymnastics show from Chow's Gymnastics and an autograph session from Shawn Johnson.

Then we were off to church, followed by supper at Legend's for some wings and spinach dip, home for an episode of LOST and then off to never-never-land.

How was your weekend? Let us hear all about it!