Over the Weekend: Aug. 19-21, 2011


Date night!! We were so busy this week with two midwife appointments that we had to push date night back to Friday. This worked out well for us though and it kick-started a stellar weekend.

We watched two episodes of LOST and then fed the cravings of Kelsey/baby for some Panera Bread. Kelsey can't get enough of their macaroni and cheese. There was some great talk about what our future looks like now that b-dub (baby Williams) has joined our clan.

Then it was back home for a few more episodes of LOST. We were on the home stretch and set a goal of finishing the series before the weekend was over.


I got up early (7:30ish) and rode my bike to the gym to lift weights. It was a beautiful morning ride and a great way to start the day. There and back was a total of 11 miles.

By the time I got home, Kelsey was ready to get up, but we decided to start watching LOST again, and besides a break to scrape together some leftovers for lunch, it consumed us until 4 in the afternoon. But the island is finally finished with us and we can move on. It was a great series and I loved every minute of it. It was my destiny to watch it. Ask Kelsey how many times I told her what was going to happen. It was like I wrote the show in another life!

Then we were off to church, where we were blessed with a special performance by an amazing singer/songwriter, Nicole C. Mullen. Kels loved her red Converse boots.

Then it was time for boys' night and on the schedule was our annual fantasy football draft. Good times were had by all and we have a sombrero we make each other wear following the worst pick of each round. Kels texted me late in the evening before she went to bed and said "I love you more than ice cream." To which I replied:

Meanwhile, Kelsey and the rest of our life group attended a special event at our church with the family of Ed Thomas and the writers of the new book honoring his life, "The Sacred Acre: The Ed Thomas Story." If you aren't familiar with the amazing story of Ed Thomas, check out this video by ESPN.


Time for the Iowa State Fair!!!!! We've been waiting for this all summer. We go for the food mostly, but there are some other things we enjoy between grazing the endless sea of fried foods.

One-man band:

 Chainsaw art:

 Meeting up with friends and seeing the biggest bull!

A free concert by one of our favorite bands, Tenth Avenue North:

We arrived at the fair just after 10 in the a.m. and did not leave until 10 p.m. In those 12 hours, we ate a lot of the finest fair food (sharing almost all of it). Here is the rundown on our fair faves in chronological order of the day.

Corn dog and cheese curds:

Strawberry smoothie:

Then baby needed a pickle:

Ribbon fries and cheese dip (our favorite of the day):

Pork tenderloin:

JR mini donuts:

T'was a crazy fun-filled weekend! Cheers to you and your weekend. Hope you had a fantastic one as well.

Happy Monday!!