Our Long/Short Weekend

How can a weekend be both long and short? Well, it's long when you take Friday off, but it becomes short when you spend Thursday night, Friday and Saturday working on a major landscaping project. Thank goodness for helpful friends and family!

The weekend became very short when Sunday came around and it was our only day together as a family. By the time we watched church online, got groceries and tried to figure out why Rooney wasn't napping, it was time for her bath and to put her to bed. (Rooney had her 2-month shots on Thursday afternoon and the poor girl's routine was off all weekend.) It was an exhausting three-day weekend for all of us. Here are some photos of the craziness.

Napping on papa after her shots.

The pavers.

Tampin' 'er down.

Wheelbarrow workout.

Friday morning fun.

Friday afternoon break for my Rooney fix while Kels went on a DQ run.

Saturday morning. Kels thought it was pretty chilly to go pick out bushes.

These two guys were such a big help. Would have never finished without them.

Kels took Rooney to the store to get some lunch for the busy workers.

Saturday outfit.

It's a Bob Ross happy tree.

After all the hard work was done, we went to Outback with Kelsey's parents. Steak and lobster was fantastic.

Sunday morning daddy/daughter dance party.

And then...the afternoon nap party.

And one more trip to the grocery store.

How was your weekend?