Our Last Night as Non-Parents (a Tribute to Modern Family)

IMG_8597 copy On the evening of Thursday, March 1, 2012, we laid on our king-size bed, watched multiple episodes of Modern Family on the iPad and ate Mr. Freezes.

It was our last night as a family of two.

That's how I remember it.

Of course, we had no way of knowing it was our last night just the two of us.

And it really wasn't as laid back as it sounds.

There was a lot on our minds.

I was 38 weeks pregnant, feeling contractions. I ate a bowl of Grape Nuts for dinner. I finished packing my hospital bag. My mom called and we chatted. Eric googled "false labor" upon my request.

We didn't know if this was "the real deal."

Turns out it was.

March 1, 2012.

That was our last night without kids.

Modern Family is still one of our favorite shows and every time we watch it I am reminded of our last night as non-parents...just two people in love who had no idea what they were getting themselves into.

What was your last night as non-parents like? Do you remember?

P.S. You can read the full story of Rooney's birth here.

P.P.S. I wonder what our last night as a family of three will be like...