Our 2010 Christmas Card

I'm still amazed this one turned out so well, considering it was the easiest/quickest card I've ever made. Eric was taking my outfit photos (this outfit is still my favorite one to date) and then put our point-and-shoot camera on the top of our Jeep, set the timer and we quickly snapped this one. First take. It's a little blurry because the camera wasn't exactly stable, but I love the colors and the messages on the wall. It was also the first year of our blogs so we included the URLs by our names.

This card was designed and printed by Minted, which is my favorite site to print our cards. Their designs are great, you get to customize a lot of stuff, and a real graphic designer looks it over at the end to make sure everything looks good. Click here to create a Minted account and get $25 off your first order of $30 or more (if you do, we'll also get $25 to put toward our next order, which I'm sure will be baby announcements!).

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