My Greatest Fear

My greatest fear in life is that I will completely miss the point. That I will spend time on things that don't matter and not enough time on what does.

That my insecurities will keep me from achieving greatness.

That I will not fulfill God's purpose for my life.


These thoughts have really settled in since going back to work and thinking about what I'm doing with my life.

Does it matter? Is it important?


And, my friend recently lost her father very suddenly. It has caused me to examine how I spend the bulk of my day and also those little minutes in between that may seem insignificant. Who I'm spending time with. What my mind thinks about. If I'm laughing enough. How many times I check my email.

Why am I so addicted to my email?


Lots of soul searching going on.

God said it would be hard.

But man, it really is.


I pray that the time spent away from my husband and daughter will be to do something I truly love.

That I make each day count.

That I am joyful and filled with the Holy Spirit.

That it will all make sense someday.