My 5 Favorite Apps

Whether you own an iPhone, Droid, or any other app-driven phone, and if you are like me you are always wanting to know about the apps that other people are using. Although I don't have a Droid, I feel that they have done a pretty good job of catching up with iPhone apps (if you own one, I would love to hear your feedback). For the record, I am not going to include Facebook or Echofon (what I use to keep up on Twitter), or the mail app that is standard on the iPhone. I feel like that would be a waste since most everybody uses those anyway. I will, however, take any suggestions on other Twitter apps that you would recommend. I have wanted to switch from Echofon for a while, but I just haven't made the plunge to try something new.

Here is my home screen:

OK, on to my 5 favorites in a Letterman-style countdown:

5: RunKeeper - This is new for me. It is my New Year's resolution goal for 2011 to get into shape, and this is a pretty sweet app that helps. It keeps track of the routes you run, integrates your iPod music into the workout and allows you to customize your workouts. Keeps track of your pace, time and distance, and then the sweet little robot lady summarizes it all for you at different intervals during your run. If you hurry, it is free through January (I think it is regularly $10?).

4: Grocery Gadget - Forget about pen and paper. Grocery Gadget allows you to keep your grocery list on your phone. This works great for families with iPhones. Kels and I just add items to the list, and when one of us is going to the store we don't even have to talk about it; it's always up to date. Boom. It also will keep track of prices, so as your list grows you can see how much you are going to spend before you get to the store. This helps us manage our food budget.

3: Gas Cubby - Keeps track of your gas spending and gives you some nice MPG charts and summarizes how much driving costs you per mile. You can also add in oil changes and other types of auto services to calculate the overall cost of owning and operating your vehicle. Pretty fun.

2: Evernote- Justin Wise over at shared this on Twitter. I am glad he did because I need all of the organizational help I can get. Create notes and give them categories so you can custom search for them later. I use this for daily to-do lists, blog ideas and other random things I want make sure I don't forget. It is nicely integrated with the Web, too. On the iPhone you can also record a voice memo or snap a picture of something you want to come back to later.

1: Bible App- Powered by These folks have created an amazing Bible warehouse that is very easy to use. It helped me achieve my 2010 goal of reading the Bible every day. I used their blended reading plan and it helped me stay on track and I didn't miss one single day!

Well, there you have it. Some of my favorites. If you have an app-driven phone, no matter the kind, what are some of your favorites?