Meet Our December Sponsors!

Happy December, errrbody!! Only 22 more sleeps until the days start getting longer again. We are happy to introduce you to our December sponsors. They are all fellow bloggers that we are excited to have hanging out in our sidebar for the month. Check them out and give them virtual high fives for being super awesome.

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Hi, I’m Allison, a Christ follower, wife and high school biology teacher (among other things). I am a lifestyle blogger about faith, love, my interests and daily adventures.  In my corner of the Web you will also find book reviews, sewing projects, running advice, photographs and occasional recipes. My husband and I strive to find joy whatever the circumstances. We recently moved back to New England after living for three years in the Midwest. We love the culture, adventures and history that New England has to offer but we often miss the strong family values, slower pace and wide open spaces of the Midwest. Join us as we share life, love and laughter along the way at Whatever the Circumstances.

Hello! My name is Alicia and I am a happily married and currently pregnant with our first child. I love blogging about our adventures as a married couple, my pregnancy, our favorite gluten-free and paleo recipes, and more. I'm currently 18 weeks pregnant and we are very excited to have our first child after trying for over a year. I try to update 4-5 times a week and each week I update with a new baby bump picture and update. I'm an open book and excited to share my life with the world. Hope you check my blog out and decide to stay!

Hey there, I'm Kelly-Marie and I'm a newlywed girl with a gorgeous little boy. We live in the UK and I love to photograph our life and share it through my life blog, a place where I can share and keep memories of my family as we grow and learn together while enjoying life. We love to meet new people--whether you are also a blogger or not, come say hi.

 P.S.  We'll have a post up later today with photos from our trip to Washington, D.C.