Family Time: Neighborhood Walks

Alternate title: Making Me Very Happy :) photo (15)

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Going for walks with these two always helps to clear my mind. Roo and I get home after work, Eric meets us in the garage with the stroller and off we go! Rooney is happiest in the stroller, and Eric and I use this time to catch up on the day and give each other undivided attention. Rooney points out all the fire hydrants and puppies, and I can't help but notice the most beautiful clouds in the sky, the handsome guy next to me and the loveliness of a (mostly) quiet neighborhood.

When we arrive back at 505, the only thing that entices Roo out of her stroller is the lure of her high chair, on the deck, where we share dinner.

Oh, spring! Thank you for your wonderousness. Don't tell autumn I said this, but you might be winning me over.