Long Time; No Blog

A conversation with myself: Holy cow, what time is it?


What? Where did the summer go?

I don't know.

So, yeah: I haven't blogged for a long while and the summer came and left without a single post. I am going to attempt to recap the summer in this one post. Mostly by way of the photography.

Just before Father's Day, a group of us took a trip to Milwaukee to catch a couple brewer's games and see their state of the art stadium. We had a sweet time!

The following weekend was Father's Day and I don't remember what we had going on, but I wasn't able to make it to Mason City to see my Dad. But the following weekend I went up to see him and we camped for the weekend. We had some pretty nasty weather on Friday night and had to head into town to seek shelter as there was a tornado warning in the area. It was pretty scary, but everything turned out fine. Saturday we went tubing down the river which is always enjoyable.

July was super duper crazy: We spent the 4th of July in Okoboji and

then 2 weeks later we were back there for Kelsey's Nana and Grandpa's 60th wedding anniversay. Yes, I said 60. How about a round of applause for that! What an amazing couple and family they have raised. Apparently we forgot to take pictures the whole time we were there... This was the only one I could find.

We left Okoboji on Tuesday so we could work the rest of the week and

then Saturday we were off to Panama City Beach, Fl for bigstuf. We were so blessed be able to hang out with an awesome group of high school students who wanted to give up a week of their summer vacation to worship God. This was also an awesome experience for Kelsey and I. It was great to be able to get away from the everyday distractions and simply focus on my relationship with Jesus. I know that I shouldn't have to go to Florida to accomplish this, but nonetheless it was a marvelous experience.

August brought back to home for the most part, but August in Des Moines can only mean 1 thing: IOWA STATE FAIR. We could only attend on the very last day of the fair, so with little choice we went when the weather was a steaming 90+ degrees. We still had lots of fun with my Mom, Kaysie, and Kaleb. We rode the big slide and had plenty to eat. My new favorite is the porkchop on a stick. Delicious!!

So here we are: almost halfway done with September. This can only mean one thing: Kelsey's birthmonth. Which means I need to figure out how to make the rest of this month super special for my princess bride. (It also means football season and I need to go see how my fantasy team is doing.)