Launch Party!


In 3-2-1...blast off! Kels and I are so stinking excited to present our new blog to you all. It has been in the works for nearly a month, and with the help of some fabulous friends (Dave Eickelberg, and Keisha and Joe Larson), we are happy to get this moved over. I had to play importer/exporter (Seinfeld reference) to migrate all of the original posts to here, and then had to switch all of the embedded post links. I have learned that I am really good at getting myself in over my head with new projects. But, how else do you learn?

The site is hosted by Webfaction and powered by Standard Theme (with a lot of customization from Joe).

So here it is!

Well, don't just look at it! Engage! Comment, like, share. Check out the pages in the menu bar above to get acquainted with our new family diary. Our hope is that this can be a fun community where we share what is going on in our lives.

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